RUBBER STEEL BALLS .68cal (100pc)


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Premium Quality Hard Rubber Balls for 68 Caliber: Set of 100 hard rubber balls specifically designed for paintball and RAM weapons in 68 caliber.
High-Quality and Strong Rubber Composition: Made from exceptionally strong rubber materials adhering to EU standards. Superior quality guarantees robustness and reliability in various scenarios.
Precision and Roundness for Accurate Shots: Exceptional precision and roundness, surpassing the performance of comparable rubber balls. Crafted using high-quality materials, ensuring reliability and consistent performance
Convenient Packaging for Efficient Use: Each box contains 100 Rubber Balls, with a total weight of approximately 420 grams. Individual ball weight is around 4 grams, optimizing portability and ease of handling.
Enhanced Power and Speed for Impact: Offers a very good shot and hit picture when used with 68 caliber defense pistols. Heavier than standard rubber balls, providing a powerful impact and high-speed dispatch.
for Multiple Applications: Suitable for 68 caliber paintball and RAM weapons, catering to both defense and recreational use. Also ideal for slingshot enthusiasts, providing a versatile range of applications.


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